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PT. Klimatek is an independent research and development brand management and operates HVAC in technology of indoor and vehicular environmental comfort.

Creating “Climatherm” brand committed to secure middle and high - end customers.Climatherm provides a comprehensive solution of the temperature and humidity and offers morethan just quality, energy efficient temperature, humidity control equipment and systems. and moreimportant according to the different requirements of different customers.Provide the best Dehumidification Process Design, Equipment Selection, Program and Control Mode to meetthe requirements of user in different sector. Climatherm the pursuit of perfect quality and inovative productsto achieve a high market share and excellent reputation in the domestic, Asian and Global market.

Who We Are



Our Vision is to globally leading supplier and leasing brand in Humidity Controlling Industry, excellence product and great services.


Our Mission is to be the most leading HVAC company through innovation, lean manufacturing and encouraging the use of efficient air conditioning in an honest, trust worthy, reliable and an environmentally sound manner.

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Dessicant Dehumidifier Technology Advantage

pot climate control refrigeration storage,wind power, pharmaceutical industry,lithium battery, laboratory,rubber, military, precise instrument, bridges, glass ....The function of the dehumidifier is to remove moisture (in the vapor state) from an air stream.This is accomplished by exposing the air to an adsorbing media (desiccant) in a sealed air stream (process).After the desiccant has adsorbed moisture, it is exposed to a second air stream at an elevated temperature (reactivation).This causes the moisture to be driven out of the desiccant preparing it for more moisture adsorption.This process is done on a continuous basis, providing a constant drying process.The two air streams (process and reactivation) are separated by seals, which contact the desiccant media. Economical and Cost-Efficiency : Easy replaceable filter unit can reduce the cost and it is more efficient. Easy and Convenient to Replace : Clip-on filter fixture. Filter can be replaced from roomside. Quick installation and convenient to replacement. Widely Multi-Functional Design : Fit for all kinds of ceiling grid,heavy duty T-bar, light duty T-bar, and ceiling panel. Sturdy and Lightweight Housing : Made by anodized aluminium.light in weight Easy to handle and install

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Food & Beverage

Desiccant Dehumidifiers in Confectionery In the confectionery industry the quality of the finished product is paramount. Close control of air humidity during the various manufacturing processes is now considered essential to maintaining these high standards.

Dry Storage

As most materials are not sensitive to lower temperatures, the most effective and efficient solution to protecting products in storage is by using a desiccant dehumidifier to maintain the correct relative humidity at all prevailing temperatures

Defence Industry

In the early 70's, NATO organisations began to use desiccant dehumidifiers to protect valuable military equipment against corrosion and degradation caused by airborne moisture. For storage applications, dehumidification is far more effective and less expensive to operate than heating.


Most substances used in drugs today are hygroscopic and any absorption of moisture during the manufacturing process will affect the final weight, quality and durability. When hygroscopic ingredients are weighed and mixed, it is important that the products' weight is not influenced by absorption of moisture from the surrounding air.


Moisture is a major enemy in the fight to preserve antiques and artefacts that form an important part of our heritage. Paintings, furniture, linens and other organic materials contain micro organisms which thrive and multiply in high humidity conditions - invariably causing irreversible damage.


Controlling the humidity level is a major concern for the Healthcare Industry. There are various hospital equipments that have to be safeguarded against the adverse effects of increased or decreased humidity on them. There are serious damages caused by an increase in the humidity.

Who We Are

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