Air thight Damper

Air damper in AHU is an important part to control several flow either from outside or inside of unit. Damper designed aerodynamically to follow air contour on the damper blades. Blade edge are lined with sealing strip to restrict leakage to an absolute minimum.

The damper is a completely aluminium- made damper, with a weld less screwed frame. The special actuation system of hidden gears placed in the lateral profile keeps the working components clean and protects against the entry of any foreign matter.

Just like the frame, dampers can be made to measure for different solutions: made lighter and pressure air damper, etc. The movement gearing is concealed within the profiles, thus assuring safety and long-lasting reliability. Our Aluminium dampers are made of high quality materials. Small parts made of nylon, like the closing gaskets provides different levels of tightness, which allow it to
fit a board range of applications

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