Energy Recovery Wheel

Energy recovery wheel energy recovery wheels rotate between the incoming outdoor airstream and the building exhaust airstream. As the wheel rotates, it transfers a percentage of the heat and moisture differential from one airstream to the other. Consequently, the outdoor air is ‘preconditioned’ significantly reducing the capacity and energy needed from the mechanical HVAC system.

it is designed to recover either sensible heat only or both sensible and latent to meet the requirement of the indoor air quality. The recovery of sensible heat achieved when the sensible heat is transfered as the metallic substrate gain and stores heat from the warmer air stream and gives it up to the cooler stream while the rotation of the wheel.

Latent heat is transfered as the metallic substrate which is coated by a hygroscopic coating condenses moisture from the air stream that has a higher humidity ration through absorption and release moisture through evaporation into the air stream that has a lower humidity ratio. Energy Recovery wheel are ideal for applications that demand high percentage of fresh air intake like in the hospitals, labs, universities, building, theatre, etc

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